I write of my journey back to light and life after the darkest days I ever knew through letters to my children. Leia watches over her brother Ryder from Heaven. The letters are not magic wands that can bring her back or how I turned tragedy into triumph with the birth of our rainbow baby. It is, however, the truth of what good can happen when you decide that you love someone so much, you just can't say goodbye.

Capture your grief 2012 : Day 13, Signs

Like I mentioned before after my mom died I saw these 3 deer appear in a field at the cementary.  It was like my daughter, my mom and my Nana were watching out for us.

We were still knee deep in grief from losing our daughter (it was six months and 2 days later that my mom died), and I really needed this.  I also really needed a sign that life wouldn’t stop for me and I wouldn’t want to end things.

This was my sign.  I took a pregnancy test on April 11th.  We were pregnant.  I knew this must be a sign from my mom.  I kept taking them until I saw a dr who confirmed that we were for sure pregnant. 

Shortly after Leia died I had a physic reading done, where I was told that I would have a baby Nov 21-27.  I thought nothing of it until a few days ago when I was looking at the book I wrote it in.  My induction will happen at 37 weeks which is Nov 21!

It gets even more freaky.  Leia’s due date supposed to be 11-11-11.  My son’s is 12-12-12.  She was born just before Canadian thanksgiving, he will be born before (or on) American thanksgiving.

The due date is a huge thing for us.  They told us I was due Dec 18 then a few weeks later the high risk ob told me Dec 12th. Immediately my husband and I started to cry.  This HAS to be a sign from Leia that everything will be okay and that she will always be a part of her brother’s life.

  1. itreallyisworseforme said: I like hearing about signs like this. I think my sister’s baby sends signs, too.
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